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PTA Programs

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What Does the PTA Do?

The San Pablo Elementary PTA is a group of San Pablo Elementary School parents, guardians, grandparents, faculty and staff organized to enhance and support the educational experience at San Pablo Elementary. We seek to foster a connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement and improving

San Pablo Elementary through volunteering, financial support
and a variety of programs.

Do you have a GREAT IDEA for a PTA Program at San Pablo Elementary? Visit the
About & Join PTA page to contact a VP Programs chair, fill out the form at the
bottom of this website
, or check out the calendar on the Home Page and come to
our next General PTA Meeting.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!


With the wonderful support of parents like YOU! Our funds come from a combination of several fundraising efforts including annual dues, merchandise sales, an annual Walk-a-Thon, various silent auctions and our annual San Pablo 5K for Play. We also seek individual and community sponsorships and donations to offset the cost of our programs. Will YOU help us?

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Why Join?

It's a Fact: Kids do better when parents are engaged in their learning. Plus: it’s actually FUN! Parent volunteers are an essential part of what makes our PTA programs successful. Participating in PTA programs is a great way to connect with other parents, teachers, and students. Even giving just a few hours of your time during the school year can make a HUGE difference.  

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Choosing Programs?

For each PTA Fundraiser, PTA must provide 3 Programs! These programs provide access to engaging, educational and fun opportunities that inspire, recognize and impact all our students and their families; which also strive to support and enrich the students' teachers and curriculum. Join us at our next General PTA Meeting to hear more about this year’s SPE programs.

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Past Programs

Below is some examples of past programs we have done at San Pablo Elementary.

These ARE NOT all current school programs and only reflect programs our PTA has put on and supported over the years at San Pablo Elementary.

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Snack Bar

We offer healthy snack and drink options for for purchase to all of our aftercare students for $0.25 to $1.00, allowing them to avoid hunger until their family can pick them up later. 

Cultural Days

Each year San Pablo Elementary picks a new country to showcase.  Kids will learn about a new sport from that country, taste a food item from that country, and complete arts and crafts also showcasing that country. 

Welcome Back Fun

The PTA wants to make sure all students smile and have fun at school and that starts with arriving at school. Look for fun signs in our front yard to bring smiles

to everyone!

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Bottle Filling Stations

Did you know we are the ONLY school in Duval County to have a Water Bottle Filling Station installed on our campus? This is a great and easy way for our students to stay hydrated and promote the DCPS Green Champion Initiative

Beach Clean Up

SPE participated with Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol in the International Coastal Cleanup Day. Many of our students and families, along with SPE teachers and staff came out to the beach for 2 hours of beach clean up! We love giving back to our beaches community and what a great way to do just that.

Beach & Sea Turtle Field Trip

We are proud to partner with Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol. During a field trip to the beach in December 2021, students had the opportunity to plant Sea Oats and learn about its importance to the beach ecosystem, dig for and learn about species in the sand at the ocean's edge and view a simulated Sea Turtle's nest, learn about the struggles both turtle moms and babies go through to lay eggs, hatch and make their way to the ocean. We are thankful for our local beaches and this great opportunity for our students to learn more about it!

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Veteran's Day Program

San Pablo Elementary is proud to host the longest running Veteran's Day Program in DCPS! Students' have the opportunity to invite veterans they know to the school for a special program they all work very hard on all fall. It's a wonderful way for students to gain confidence in performing with and in front of their peers.

Teacher Appreciation

San Pablo Elementary has the BEST teachers, and the PTA definitely works hard to show them that they are appreciated! Through quarterly gifts, helping out where we can in classrooms, and making teacher appreciation week extra special, we show our school's teachers how amazing they are!

Eggciting Egg Drop

San Pablo Elementary is a STEM Magnet DCPS school, and the PTA looks to add additional programs to support that emphasis. Students had the opportunity to build an egg drop vehicle during spring break and test them against their fellow students once when we got back to school. A great and fun way

to learn and bring STEM activities to SPE.

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