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About US

San Pablo Elementary PTA


Perks for Joining PTA

Be a Role Model

By becoming a PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education.

Get Connected

There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school. Plus, PTA functions are great opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, build rapport and discuss issues that are on your mind. You can share your ideas, concerns, and experiences.


Enjoy Substantial Benefits

PTA members can take advantage of a host of benefits from PTA membership including discounts and offers from national PTA member benefits providers and local PTA member benefits providers

Why Join the SPE PTA?

​PTA believes we can make every child’s potential a reality—but we need more believers.

We need you!

DID YOU KNOW that becoming a PTA member, even just a bystander member, helps to support and nurture not only your child, but all students at San Pablo Elementary! It’s a fact—children learn and grow better when their families and communities are engaged in their academic, social and emotional lives. Being a member of PTA means that you are part of a powerful association and action plan that is focused on programs and initiatives that strengthen your child's education and the family-school partnership at San Pablo Elementary!

Although we always welcome your time and talents, just by joining the PTA and becoming

a member automatically benefits your child by showing support for

an organization that is dedicated to making a difference in the education, health, and safety of

our SPE children!

If you want to get more involved, there are many ways to do that. Volunteer opportunities range from being a room parent, serving drinks during an annual fundraiser, to helping clean up and beautify our campus; there is no right way to PTA.

So show us how YOU PTA by joining us this year! 

Want to become a PTA member today... click the button below to visit our store and purchase

a membership option that works best for you.

Meet The SPE PTA Board Members

Committee Members

Community Sponsorships Committee
Kelly Huber Zakrajsek

Blake Putnal

Laura Sanders

Community/ Charity Committee

Fawne Fordenbacher

Nikki Eaton

Megan Fabrega

Family Events Committee

Yisi Tarkenton

Erin Harris

Jason Valeria

Kelly Huber Zakrajsek

Membership Commitee

Steve Sanders

Merchandise Committee

Alyssa Wakeley

Laura Sanders

Angie Brack

Picture Day Committee

Jaime VanMatre

Jenna Hobkirk

Jodi Ervin

Silent Auction Donations Committee

Holly Poyer

Kelly Huber Zakrajsek

Smoothie Day Committee

Jodi Ervin

Meghan Oliver

Blake Putnal

Snack Bar Committee

Megan Fabrega

Tyler Putnal

Carolyn Valeria

Spirit Night/ Week Committee

Jenna Hobkirk

Brooke Albers

Karen Park

Holly Poyer

Tracie Williams

Teacher Appreciation Committee

Jaime VanMatre

Brooke Albers

Tracie Williams

Thanksgiving Pies Committee

Jaime VanMatre

Jenna Hobkirk

Tracie Williams

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